The brand new bank of the future: Kale99

Millennials are a generation of the world’s population who have the greatest spending power and bank more than any other generation, according to the Bank Administration Institute.

Today, millennials are driving the next banking revolution – the “digital bank.” According to research, close to 60% of US millennials will be digital banking users and more than half will have shifted to “digital only” banking. With three-quarters of the global workforce set to comprise of millennials by 2025, the impact on the banking system as we know it will be tremendous.

Digital banks are a direct result of the needs of the millennials and is very different than other generations – the way they interact with brands, different banking needs and their less-than-favorable opinion of banks in general. And this is where Kale99  is different.

Kale99 is a digital bank that understands the dynamic needs of millennials and Generation Z. By placing the customer in the center of everything it does, Kale99 takes the UX/UI approach to provide integrated solutions to not only make banking easy but also anticipate the growing needs of its customers by providing opportunities and strategies for personal and financial growth.

The concept of Kale99 is inextricably integrated in its name. Kale is one of  the fastest growing plants known to mankind. It is not fastidious in its requirements and only needs a bit of help to grow, bloom and thrive. This is what Kale99 wants for its customers – to thrive and develop in their personal and financial lives. The 99 depicts the 99% involvement of Kale99 in the process while leaving only 1% for the customers to figure out.

Security is prime within the Kale99 ecosystem – all data is secured on the blockchain and access is through biometry rather than passwords only, which can be hacked. Furthermore, the customer is never far from assistance with 24/7 customer service via chat through the app.

Kale99 is inviting Ambassadors and Founders to kickstart this transformation. Kale99 Ambassadors and Founders receive a dedicated lifetime-free bank account and card, priority services and free tickets to exclusive events, apart from many other in- app benefits. All of these lifetime benefits for a small one-time amount of 100€.

Currently, Kale99 is offering a Payback Rewards Program. To participate in the program, users have to refer their friends and receive a payback. For example, for 5 positive references in a month, they will receive max 100€ as payback; for 10 references in a month, they receive max 250€ and for 20 positive references in a month, participants receive max 600€ as payback in their debit card account.

Kale99’s endeavor is not only to provide banking services to its customers but to create an ecosystem that eases all kinds of financial transactions while also providing opportunities to grow financially and personally through carefully curated and customized guidance.

Kale99 seeks to become a brand that keeps its customers at the center of all they do, a brand that millennials can identify with. It seeks to 360-degree services for real life.

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